Yetter Rotary Hoe

Yetter Rotary Hoe

Yetter 3400 Conventional Rotary Hoe. The spoon-bill wheel teeth break the crust and flick out weeds. American made specialist weed cleaner, for running over soybean or corn or vegetable crops.

End tow set up for easy movement.

The Yetter Rotary Hoe—known for its spoon-bill wheel teeth—has been on the job since 1977.

Crusts formed after hard, pouring rains prevent crops from emerging. A rotary hoe is the perfect crust-busting tool.

Weed pressure threatens to choke young crops. The rotary hoe kicks weeds out of the ground, leaving their roots exposed to the drying sun. In organic farming operations, a few passes with the rotary hoe when weeds are trying to emerge can maintain crop health without chemicals.

Wet conditions delay planting. The rotary hoe aerates and fluffs soil so drying winds and warming sun can penetrate soil.

Lack of rain prevents newly applied chemicals from activating. A pass with the rotary hoe can incorporate chemicals and set them to work.

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