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Our Depot in Glen Innes

Glen Innes Depot at 'CHERRY TREE HILL'
8 Winters Road
Glen Innes NSW 2370
Phone: 0429 - 442211 or 0267-322 144
Fax: 02 - 67 322 133
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Our Glen Innes Depot is located on Philip and Bettina Lynn's farm Cherry Tree Hill.

The farm is managed by Bob Hilton who will be receiving and weighing your goats.

DIRECTIONS to ' Cherry Tree Hill ' - Glen Innes 

From North:

Travelling through Glen Innes, 5 kms south of town turn right onto Winters Road, cross over the railway brigde and straight ahead you will see the Ausgoat Depot sign at the entrance. 

From South:
5 kms south of Glen Innes as you cross the Red Bank Creek you will see a big Celtic rock on your right as you start going up the hill, at the top of the hill turn left onto Winters Road.



Bob Hilton