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Goat Suppliers

Ausgoat farmers and suppliers

Ausgoat purchase goats from a range of Australian farmers and suppliers. We are always interested in talking to you about purchasing Australian goats

  • We require animals for the goat meat local market / domestic sales. These animals are processed and sold to retail butchers.
  • We also require animals for the export market, eitherat our Glen Innes Depot or by direct consigbment. 

We select goats with great care from a wide range of high quality goat meat suppliers from New South Wales and Queensland.

The goats are predominantly rangeland goats, and this meat is characteristically lean and tasty. Due to it’s low fat content and low cholesterol qualities, goat meat is very popular world wide and is perfectly suited for stewing meat.

Most of our growers keep rangeland goats on their properties for weed control as well. They often mix with free range goats running wild in Australia’s vast outback.

Our goat suppliers are experts in the management of rangeland goats supplying consistent quality lean goats.

We pride ourselves in having a strong and loyal relationship with our suppliers.

Managing Director Philip Lynn, having the previous experience of being born and raised on the land, acknowledges the importance of, and strives to pay, the best possible price at all times for the benefit of Ausgoat’s loyal suppliers.

  • We pay for goats "over the hook" or by live weight.
  • We pay our suppliers promptly within 2-4 days.
  • We buy smaller lots of goats through our depot in Glen Innes.

Smaller quantities of goats can be arranged to be picked up to minimizes the freight cost to our suppliers.

If you would like to become a goat supplier to Ausgoat, contact us for more information or talk directly to Philip Lynn.