Calf Weaning Nose Rings

12th Nov 2018

Designed for low stress weaning, when applied, to the nose of the calf, the mother will not let their calf drink, and so she dries up naturally, without any stress to either calf or mother. 127 of these, all in perfect order. $3.95 per nose ring +... more details

Janke 6 Row Planter

9th Nov 2018

Made by well known QLD manufacturer Janke Australia: This precision planter has 6 individual parallelogram planters with several different sets of seed discs to ... more details

Field Bin

17th Oct 2018

Old grain field bin with 2 bays, and auger delivery to side. Would make a great paddock feed bin, and convert to an 8 ton feeder   $1950 + GST... more details


17th Oct 2018

5 Shuttles for sale. Have had microbes and soil amendments in them. No Chemicals in them $75/shuttle + GST... more details

Temperature Probe

17th Oct 2018

Thermometer hand held, for Pt100 sensors, with 0.01 resolution and 0.05% accuracy. DIMENSIONS:  1m STAINLESS STEEL probe, handle and 1.45m lead USB interface and 16000 readings data logger Day, Date, Time, - Backlit dual display LCD User o... more details

Wideline Cultivator

17th Oct 2018

Folding cultivator, 24ft wide, 54 tynes, good working ram.  $490 + GST... more details

C02 Meter

17th Oct 2018

CO2 Meter & Probe for Compost etc. Complete with Long Stainless Steel Probe. Simple to use $390 + GST... more details

Used Machinery for Sale

27th Sep 2018

  Tipping Trailer - $8,950 + GST  Yetter Rotary Hoe - $7,200 + GST Crimper Roller - $14,900 + GST Windrow Covers (4) - $1,350 + GST Compost Turner - $29,950 + GST Field Bin - $1,950 + GST 5 X 1000L Shuttles - $75 + GST each... more details

Tipping Trailer

27th Sep 2018

Tipping Trailer Weeks Tipping Trailer, made in England. 7 tons grain. 2 stage ram. Very high lift. Grain shute as well as swinging back door opens. Extremely handy farm tipper, used for everything. Price $8,950 + GST... more details

Yetter Rotary Hoe

27th Sep 2018

Yetter Rotary Hoe Yetter 3400 Conventional Rotary Hoe. The spoon-bill wheel teeth break the crust and flick out weeds. American made specialist weed cleaner, for running over soybean or corn or vegetable crops. End tow set up for easy movement. ... more details

Crimper Roller

27th Sep 2018

Crimper Roller 14ft heavy duty. I had this crimper-roller made here in Glen Innes after many phone calls to USA. My engineer/welder had real challenges getting the chevron twist in the blades as well as a forward angle as they do in USA. But he has ... more details

Windrow Covers

27th Sep 2018

Windrow Covers 4 x 100m breathable fabric compost windrow row covers, 5m wide, 3 in good order, and 1 with some tearing along top ridge line. Total Price: $1,350 + GST for the 4 of them.... more details

Compost Turner

27th Sep 2018

Compost Turner Lifting CMC turner, Austrian built. Excellent unit. Irrigation Bar. Roll over Tarp bracket. 8ft working width. PTO Drive. Price $29,950 + GST... more details


8th Mar 2018

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