Ausgoat Newsletter August 2014

Winter hasn't slowed us down


Market News:

Normally winter is the slowest stock supply period, but not this winter. All classes of livestock are heavily supplied, including goats, and this despite the brilliant winter season in southern NSW and Victoria.
Even though the national goat slaughter numbers for July 2014 averaged a record 54,000 goats weekly, the market has actually improved and we are seeing the best rates for several years with good rangeland goats making around $44/head at our depots.  

Thankfully the USA market has remained strong with an average increase in exports in 2014 of 16% compared to 2013. The Taiwanese market looks to be approaching saturation point as they will have received their yearly quota by the end of August. It appears that Chinese orders for Australian goat meat may have started for this year, but their numbers are still down 58% compared to 2013. Overall The Australian Meat Industry Council shows in their latest figures an increase of 20% for export of goat meat, with which we can only be very pleased.

A recent ABC Landline program featured a story on how the rangeland goat industry is 'booming' and how, over the last 10 years has put country kids through school and in some case even saved farmers from leaving their properties. It is good to see the mainstream media picking up stories on our industry, like this BBC film crew who visited our Cobar Depot. See the program here.

Cobar Depot:

Our upgrade of Cobar Depot, partly funded by the 'Nation Building Heavy Vehicle Safety & Productivity Program'  is now finalised and goat suppliers coming to the depot will now experience better lighting, a mechanical lift for the ramp (instead of the old winch) and a brand new wash bay for all visiting trucks and trailers to wash out after delivery. A lot of hours went into this upgrade and Ausgoat was very proud to support local businesses whilst undertaking this upgrade.  

Other news:

Our beautiful lean rangeland goat meat is sought after by butchers around Australia. We are experiencing an increase in sales of our lean goat meat, and our venture into lamb and beef has proven a successful move. Whilst company director Philip Lynn went to visit many of the Sydney butchers last month, Donna in the office was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork.