November 2012 NEWS LETTER


Time is quickly approaching for our Open Day at Cobar on Saturday 24th of November.

For those who would like to attend please let us know by 16th November by calling the office on 67 322 144 or email

More information on the Open Day is available from our website in our October News Letter.

In October Glen Innes Depot Manager Bob Hilton filled in at our Cobar Depot to look after the operation while Tim and Cassi went on a well-deserved holiday. Seeing a large depot like this first hand was a new and great experience for Bob, and he got to meet many of our Cobar goat suppliers.

Bob received, weighed, drafted and loaded out more than 7,000 goats in those 2 weeks. For the first time in his life Bob loaded a road train of goats and during his Cobar stay he loaded 5 road trains at “Gattaca”. A great effort from a very capable young man !

Bob is featured in this month’s “Meet the Ausgoat Team “

Meet Bob Hilton

Bob came to Philip & Bettina Lynn’s farm on work experience when he was 16 years old and soon after took up work as a casual farm hand on their property “Cherry Tree Hill”. Bob has worked for Phil & Bettina since 2006 and was promoted to Junior Farm Manager in November 2011. He has held this position for a year excelling both in his practical skills on the farm and through a 2 year “Front Line Management” course he has just started.  

Through his employment with Philip and Bettina’s farming business ‘Clancy Pastoral’, Bob manages Ausgoat’s Glen Innes Depot which is situated on “Cherry Tree Hill”.

Bob was asked : 

What music do you like listening to?   I enjoy listening to all kinds of music.

What book are you reading at the moment?  I'm not reading one at the moment.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?  I love going to the coast.

What sports do you like to follow/participate in?  NRL and cricket.

What did you do before you came to Ausgoat?

I was at school and working on my grandparent’s property.

What’s your favourite movie? I have heaps of favourites,I really couldn't choose just one.

How do you best describe yourself?  As an easy going Bloke who loves the outdoors.

As a kid what did you dream of becoming?

I've always loved the land so I wanted either that or becoming a builder

What is your favourite food? Crumbed cutlets and gravy.

What are your interests? 

Hunting, fishing, camping, beach and just hanging out with friends.